This post is the first in a 3-part series on Easy Pas­sive Income for Artists.

Posts 2 and 3 will be about mon­e­tiz­ing two other pop­u­lar ser­vices, and are com­ing very soon!

The major­ity of artists already have their music on iTunes, thanks to sim­ple ser­vices like CD Baby and Tunecore.  You get 70% of the money every time some­one buys your album.  But if you are send­ing your fans to iTunes, you need to sign up for an iTunes Affil­i­ate Account to earn an extra 5% every time one of your fans buys some­thing after click­ing on your link!

How to sign up:

  1. Go sign up for free at Takes only a cou­ple of min­utes (it’s worth it).
  2. Then click here to go to the iTunes Adver­tiser page and click “Apply” at the bot­tom of the page after agree­ing to Terms & Conditions
  3. In a day or two, you will get an email say­ing that you have been approved for the affil­i­ate program


How to earn the extra 5%:

  1. Now that you’re an affil­i­ate, go back to the the Adver­tiser Page and click on “Link Maker Tool”
  2. An iTunes-looking win­dow will pop up allow you to search for any­thing on the iTunes store and gen­er­ate a cus­tom link
  3. Your link will be long and ugly, so I rec­om­mend putting it into a link-shortener like, to make it sexier
  4. Now take your link and put it every­where you are send­ing your fans to iTunes (music page, face­book, twit­ter, everywhere!)


The Gift That Keeps On Giv­ing (for 3 days):

Send­ing your fans to iTunes using a Link­share link will not only get you an addi­tional 5% when they pur­chase your album, but you will get an addi­tional 5% on any­thing they pur­chase in iTunes for the next 3 days after click­ing your link!  Gotta love that.


Final Words:

If you’re already send­ing your fans to iTunes (which you most likely are), you need to be using this affil­i­ate pro­gram for pas­sive income.  I have seen siz­able amounts of money add up for artists using the affil­i­ate pro­gram.  It doesn’t just have to be your music either: send your fans links to music they should check out, and you’ll get that extra income as well if they decide to buy anything.

If you need any help get­ting started, I’d be more than happy to help you out.  Feel free to hit me up through email or Twit­ter.

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  • Flux Research

    Artists should do that for all the major out­lets that sell their music, espe­cially Amazon.

    Back in the day (said grandpa) when I was a hip hop blog­ger, I used to post reg­u­lar reports on upcom­ing releases using Ama­zon links.  Though you only get the 5 to 7% on the sale that hap­pens when peo­ple click through, you also get it on any­thing else they buy at that time.  I made much more money on the other stuff.  They’d click on the music then start shop­ping for what­ever they needed on Ama­zon and music ended up being under 20% of those sales.

    I think iTunes and Ama­zon would be a strong combo, espe­cially for those putting out phys­i­cal prod­uct as well as dig­i­tal tunes.

    • Bren­dan at Receptive

      Thanks for the com­ment! I’m a big fan of your work at Hypebot.

      I def­i­nitely think Ama­zon is must-have as well (see Part 2 of this series on Ama­zon affil­i­ates here: ).

      Also, the affil­i­ate per­cent­age on Ama­zon is always 10% for dig­i­tal down­loads, which is great.  I com­pletely agree that the real value is in the other stuff peo­ple buy.  I’ve seen my clients get big money from peo­ple click­ing on their links and then buy­ing text­books, pho­to­shop, cam­eras, etc.