This post is the final post in a 3-part series on Easy Pas­sive Income for Artists.  
Read Part One on iTunes Affil­i­ates here, and Part Two on Ama­zon Affil­i­ates here.

Click Here to Apply to YouTube’s Part­ner Program

I was at a dig­i­tal music event ear­lier this year, and was shocked to find out how many peo­ple had not heard how easy it is to mon­e­tize your YouTube chan­nel through Ads.  YouTube will pay you for doing what you already do! Take your money!

Here’s how it works.….

YouTube offers rev­enue shar­ing for their ‘Part­ners’ through adver­tis­ing that they show on your videos and pages.  You are eli­gi­ble (in fact, they want artists!) to become a part­ner by fill­ing out the Part­ner Appli­ca­tion.

Please note that you can­not become a Part­ner if you cover songs on your chan­nel!  You need the global rights to all video, images, and audio used on your chan­nel.  Just don’t use any­one else copy­righted con­tent and you will be good!

The main ben­e­fits of being a YouTube partner:

  • Gain adver­tis­ing revenue
  • Advanced chan­nel brand­ing and design (Cus­tomize Top Ban­ner and Side Box - See Exam­ple)
  • Access to YouTube’s Con­tent ID, which lets you track, mon­e­tize, or block any uploaded videos using your songs

Two main types of Ads that can show…


InVideo Ads:

- Small ban­ner pops up on bot­tom of screen 5 sec­onds into your video (users can close it)

- 300x240px Ban­ner off to side of video


InStream Ads:

- 15 sec­ond YouTube video shown before your video



InStream ads will most likely annoy your fans, but gen­er­ate good money.  If you’d like, you can dis­able InStream ads, so that your page and videos only show InVideo ads, which are very com­mon­place in the YouTube user expe­ri­ence, and not as dis­rup­tive to your fans.

Bot­tom Line:

You’re most likely already send­ing your fans to YouTube.  If you’re look­ing for an easy way to get pas­sive income off the traf­fic you receive on your YouTube videos and chan­nel, apply to the Part­ner Program.

For more infor­ma­tion, check out YouTube’s descrip­tion of ben­e­fits and qual­i­fi­ca­tions here.

Oth­er­wise, click here to go apply!