March 2012 feels a long way away, but SXSW is closer than you think!  Start­ing today, you can browse and vote for pro­posed panel ideas for the Music, Film, and Inter­ac­tive festivals.

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This year I took the time to orga­nize and sub­mit a panel idea that I am pas­sion­ate about, I would love to see hap­pen at SXSW.  You can help make it hap­pen by vot­ing for it!

The panel is called “Give Fans A Rea­son To Buy; Make Direct-to-Fan Work”.

Here is a small descrip­tion of what our panel will cover:

“Whether they stream it or steal it, the day has come where fans can lis­ten to your music with­out pay­ing you directly for it. Give your fans a rea­son to spend their money on you. Learn how to cre­ate a com­pelling story with prod­ucts and bun­dles to engage your fans, gain new ones, and sus­tain your career.”

Our amaz­ing panel con­sists of:

  • Mod­er­a­tor: Bren­dan Moore (@webmusicguy), Founder of Recep­tive Music
  • Emily White (@emwizzle), Co-Founder of White­smith Entertainment
  • Benji Rogers (@benjikrogers), Founder + CEO of PledgeMusic
  • Nicole St. Jean (@stnic), Artist Ser­vices Pro­ducer at Top­spin Media
  • Julia Nunes (@julianunes), Musi­cian

I work with a lot of peo­ple in the dig­i­tal music space, and these are some of the absolute bright­est minds out there when it comes to Direct-to-Fan and help­ing artists make money.  We’ve got a great mix between a fan­tas­tic artist man­ager, the most suc­cess­fully funded Kickstarter-musician, and two plat­forms that help artists make money every­day through Direct-to-Fan.

These aren’t just peo­ple that claim they are experts; they have the actual expe­ri­ence and day-to-day knowl­edge of how artists can succeed.

Read more about our panel here and vote for us by giv­ing a lit­tle ‘thumbs up’ if you’d like to see the panel hap­pen at SXSW 2012! Thank you in advance for your support!

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