Top­spin Services

Recep­tive Music is one of the few Topspin-Certified Web Part­ners. We have years of expe­ri­ence work­ing with the Top­spin plat­form, and are here to help.

Our Top­spin Ser­vices include:

  • Top­spin Account Setup: Get­ting your account setup, infor­ma­tion entered, and con­tent loaded
  • 3-month Cam­paign Con­sult­ing + Strat­egy: Craft­ing your prod­uct bun­dles, pack­ages, and release cam­paign to be as effec­tive as possible
  • Offer Page Design + Devel­op­ment: Design and develop a land­ing page to your site to announce and offer your new products
  • Web Store Design + Devel­op­ment: Design­ing and imple­ment­ing a cus­tom store to sell your prod­ucts and pack­ages on your website
  • Social Media Release Cam­paign: Cus­tom Face­book Tab, Myspace Skin, YouTube Chan­nel Design
  • Report­ing and Ana­lyt­ics: Ana­lyz­ing how your cam­paign was received, how your prod­ucts sold, and how we can do even bet­ter next time